Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology

Medical Biotechnology

Medical biotechnology involves the utilization of living cells to develop technologies for the development of human health. It involves the utilization of those tools to seek out more efficient ways of maintaining human health. It also helps within the study of DNA to spot the causes of genetic disorders and methods to cure them.
Vaccines and antibiotics are developed with the assistance of medical biotechnology that's essential for human health. Several plants are genetically engineered to supply antibodies with the assistance of biotechnology.

Agricultural Biotechnology

This field deals with the event of genetically modified plants by introducing the gene of interest within the plant. This, in turn, helps in increasing the crop yield.Various pest-resistant crops like Bt-cotton and Bt-brinjal are created by transferring the genes from Bacillus thuringiensis into the plants.

The animals with the foremost desirable characteristics are bred together to get the offspring with the specified traits

Synthetic biotechnology:

Engineered biotechnology Synthetic biotechnology includes the control of organic mixes like combination of manufactured aminoacids into proteins, DNA amalgamation and control utilizing engineered groupings, oligonucleotide blend, protein change utilizing manufactured mixes and so forth.

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